We have specialist guitar departments at our phyical stores as well as online. We have a huge range of guitars in stock from all the top manufacturers such as Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, Gibson Guitars,Epiphone, Takamine, Fender, Squier, Yamaha and many more. If you need help we have specialist highly trained knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the range. Buy today with next working day delivery.

Welcome to our guitar department, here you will find acoustic and electric guitars, also bass guitars and some specialist guitars. The four main types of guitar are acoustic guitars, classical guitars ,electric guitars, and bass guitars but there are many variations in between.

An acoustic guitar is one that you can play without plugging it in to an amplifier where the body of the guitar resonates from the strings to amplify the sound. There are different sizes of acoustic guitars such as a dreadnought which is a large bodied guitar. Traveller guitar which is small bodied and easy to transport. Usually as a rough guide the bigger bodied a guitar is the louder it will be.

In acoustic guitars you can get a laminate top guitar or a solid top guitar, a solid top guitar will generally resonate better and give a fuller, rounded sound, although it will usually cost more.

A very popular type of guitar now is an electro acoustic. This is an acoustic guitar that can be played acoustically i.e. not plugged in to any amplification, or it can played through an amp as it will have a pickup in the body of the guitar and a socket to plug a lead into, to connect to an amplifier.

A classical guitar usually has nylon strings, has a smaller body and is used to play classical music. These are a good type of guitar for a beginner, as the strings are nylon and don't hurt your fingers as much as steel strung guitars.

Electric guitars are generally the slim bodied, solid guitar often used in rock music and pop music. They have pickups on the body of the guitar and need to be plugged into an amplifier to get the proper effect of the guitar. The electric guitar comes in many shapes and sizes, some well known shapes are a strat style, a tele style ,a les paul style and an sg style.

The strat electric guitar is an iconic guitar made by Fender and used by many stars of the present and the past.

Often an electric guitar is plugged into an amp and may have effects used to create a particular sound or style.

A Bass guitar is used for playing the bass part of a song it only has four strings and they are a lot thicker than a normal guitar. You can get a short scale bass guitar and a long scale bass guitar.