Electro Acoustic Guitars

An Electro-Acoustic bass guitar is perfect for the musician looking for an attractive bass. The design of the electro-acoustic bass guitars gives the option to plug into an amp, make it perfect for live performances and recording.

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Electro Acoustic Bass Guitar

Electro-acoustic bass guitars are versatile and reliable guitars, they have bright sounding tones when played unplugged and also when plugged they have a fantastic pickup quality. The good thing about electro-acoustic bass guitars is that you can really get comfortable with your grip on the neck of it and you can press the strings without the worry of picking up string buzz.

Musicians who only want the best quality and value, this is the perfect choice guitar for you, offering you style, quality and tone. These guitars may not be your go-to choice for every jamming session that you have, but it can be a great option for adding an extra layer of uniqueness into your music. 

We have some fantastic high-quality guitars available in our electro-acoustic range, from brands including Ibanez, Vintage, Faith and many more.