Electro Acoustic Guitars (Electric Acoustic Guitars)

An electro acoustic guitar has an almost identical build to an acoustic, however they are just built with an electronic pickup. This guitar is ideal for live performances, it can be plugged into an amp or a PA system, but can also be played unplugged too. A versatile instrument!

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Welcome to our Electro Acoustic guitar department. Guitars normally fall into two basic categories: Acoustic guitars and Electric guitars. An acoustic guitar can be played anywhere, and amplifies itself through sound reverberating through its hollow body. An electric guitar needs to be plugged in to an amplifier to make sound, but amplifiers can go much louder than an acoustic guitar. An Electro Acoustic guitar falls in between and has the best of both worlds. An Electro Acoustic guitar can be played both acoustically, but also can be plugged into an amplifier to play at louder volumes. This is because electro acoustic guitars are essentially and acoustic guitar with a special pickup built in which can be plugged into an amp.

Some of our most popular electro acoustic guitars are the Yamaha APX 500 series, including the new Yamaha APX500 III. These and many other electro acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners playing at home acoustically, but are equally capable of handling playing live at gig or recording by plugging straight into an amp or mixer!

Electro Acoustic guitars are also made by many other popular guitar brands, both acoustic manufacturers and electric, such as Alvarez, Faith, Takemine or Fender and Ibanez.

All of our guitars also come with a free set up voucher worth £45!