Classical Guitars (Nylon String Guitars)

Classical guitars also known as nylon string guitars produce beautiful, mellow tones and are typically used for classical, folk and many other styles of music. Using a nylon string guitar will not be as tough on your fingers as a steel string guitar would be which provides the user with more comfort when playing. We have a wide range of Nylon string acoustic guitars here at Rimmers from brands including Ashton, Ibanez, Yamaha and many more.

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Nylon String Classical Guitars

Nylon strings on a guitar produce a warmer, mellower sound which is why they are classed as a classical guitar, they are well-suited for flamenco, classical and folk music. A nylon string guitar is great for producing softer, more romantic music. The strings do not hurt the fingers as much as steel strings would, therefore it allows for more playing time for the guitarist.

The nylon string guitars tend to be smaller in size, which makes them more comfortable and easier to handle!

Nylon strings do not need the help of amplifiers but instead can produce a full, complete sound that can stand on its own. The clean sound produced by the nylon strings make this guitar a highly praised option as this is very important. There is some debate about whether nylon strings are easier to play but many experts seem to believe this is true and conclude that this guitar is gentler on the fingertips. A set of nylon guitar strings are definitely worth looking into to help craft your signature sound