Fretless Bass Guitars

A fretless bass guitar allows the musician to be more expressive whilst playing using techniques such as glissando, vibrato and microtonal variations. The uniqueness of a fretless bass guitar is a fantastic way to bring the bass to the forefront of your music.

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Fretless Bass Guitars

A fretless guitar has the same qualities as a fretted bass, except it has a smooth fingerboard. The guitar can be played with a plectrum or without, although it is slightly less common to play a fretless with a plectrum than it is for a fretted.

The fretted bass is the easiest to play which is quite obvious, the smooth fingerboard allows the musician to easily slide from from one note to another.  The fretless bass makes it possible to play every pitch between that of an 'E' and an 'F', allowing the player much more musical freedom.

Using a fretless guitar is based entirely on the individuals choice, you develop your own sound when performing and if you feel you require a fretless bass, then you have come to the right place as we stock fretless bass guitars from brands including Fender, Squier and more.