Hollow Body Bass Guitars

Hollow body bass guitars are available in a wide range of colours, styles and bundles. Hollow bodu guitars have a unique edge in the sound that resonates. If you're looking to integrate a new sound into your playing, the hollowbody bass places a unique stamp on any player's music.

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Hollow Body Bass Guitars

Hollow Body Bass Guitars and Semi-Acoustic Bass Guitars are ideal for bassists looking for a warm, clean sound. Sir Paul McCartney was known to use a hollow body bass guitar, in particular, a Hofner; the guitars are very popular with Rock bands. They are making a comeback because of their vibey hollow tone. Bass guitarists tend to take a back seat to the lead singer or lead guitarist, and their input can sometimes be overlooked and underappreciated when listening to a band’s latest hit. However, some of the most acclaimed and celebrated songs in history have been heavily reliant on the innovative genius and tireless drive of their bass player. Whilst the job of a bassist has constantly evolved over the years, the bass guitarist is still most typically seen as a supporting player helping to establish the framework of a track as well as the track’s rhythm and beat.

Here at Rimmers Music we stock a range of coloured bass guitars, from many different brands that are well known in the music industry, including Ibanez, Italia Gretsch and many more.