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The Epiphone Les Paul was introduced in the late 1980s as an affordable alternative to the Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone have retained all the sound and playability that the iconic Gibson has to offer, but also combines this with fantastic value, giving beginners the chance to own a Les Paul.
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Epiphone Les Paul series of guitars have a staggering 43 different models, from the entry level beginner SL to the high end artist series custom seven string, there is a guitar to suit your style and budget.Starting off with the SL series (Slim, Lightweight) this is a no frills student guitar, made from poplar and available in six colours, they come fitted with a bolt on neck, this speeds up the manufacturing process and allows the guitar to be made in a shorter time span a slim “D” shape profile which allows the beginner to be able to comfortably get their hand around the neck to be able to fret it to be able to hold a chord.Fitted with two pickups made up of ceramic (this keeps the cost down) single coils you can, via a three way toggle switch select the pickup near the neck for a warmer tone, activate both pickups for a more balanced sound or activate the bridge pickup for a twangier, sharper sound. Fitted with a wrap around tailpiece this guitar is just utter simplicity, super affordable, super playable.Only drawback is that they do not do a left handed version.Moving on from the SL Epiphone has a number of incarnations as follows all very simple, no frills, all with bolt on necks models include Les Paul express, les Paul special, les Paul Studio and the superb slash “AFD”Next in the series is the les Paul standard, you guessed it? With a glued in neck, generally speaking, a set neck transfers the resonance between neck and body more freely and immediately than does a bolt-on neck. The result is usually heard as a little more warmth and fullness in the set-neck guitar, and a little more snap and twang in the bolt-on neck guitar.The bodies on les Pauls are usually solid mahogany, with a carved maple top and a single cutaway to allow access to the upper frets on the neck, and of course it goes without saying that the Guitar was pioneered by the legendary Virtuoso guitarist/inventor “Les Paul” Les created the prototype Les Paul in 1940 the guitar underwent many variations before being finalised and put on sale in 1952 the rest is history.Les Pauls career spanned from 1934 – 2009 and he worked right up until his deathThere is a warmer rounder sound that a set neck will give you over a bolt on, fitted with alnico pickups, alnico is magnetic alloy containing iron, nickel, aluminum, and one or more of the elements cobalt, copper, and titanium. These will typically give you a warm, smooth, tuneful tone.The next series is the beautifully crafted les Paul standard PRO featuring Flame Maple Veneer top and ProBucker humbucker pickups with Push/Pull Coil-Tapping, this means that you can have the pickups give you either its standard warm tone when working together or you can have a higher brighter tone by splitting the coils and only using one.The PRO series also comes with “Exclusive finishes only available to the pro series.and they also do left handed versions.As you move through the Epiphone Les Paul range you will notice many differing configurations from guitars that are left handed to guitars that have a Bigsby tremolo system fitted.Then Epiphone move onto the hollow body ES series then the “custom artist series” so these are guitars made to the spec of the likes Joe Bonamassa, Zak wylde, Matt Heafy.