Fender Telecaster Guitars

Fender Telecasters have been around since 1951 and since then they have revolutionised guitar-playing. Telecasters are still going strong today - making them an iconic Fender guitar. The Telecaster provides stunning clear tones and also has an easily recognizable body shape. The Telecaster has been favoured by guitar legends such as Keith Richards, Prince, Andy Summers and many more.
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The Telecaster is one of the most easily recognisable guitars in the world, the flat body and wide shoulders make them extremely sturdy guitars that can withstand long durations of playing such as tours.Featured on the Telecaster is a very simple pickup that can give you either a bright, cutting tone or a mellow, blues tone - making it a very versatile guitar.When it comes to the Stratocaster and the Telecaster, there are differences between the two, such as tonewoods used on the body, the necks are very similar although some guitarists point out a difference.Fender American Teles are the flagship models, there is a large choice to choose from and they are built for any ability. These are definitely professional level guitars but they are also a great way to inspire beginner or intermediate players to get to the next level of their playing.