Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Left-handed guitars are designed specifically for left-handed people and allow the player to strum and play with their stronger, more dominant hand. Essentially they are designed to make it much easier for guitarists to play, rather than switching a right-handed guitar the other way round. We offer a large range of left-handed guitars for beginners and advanced players.

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Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Everybody should have the freedom to play the guitar and be completely comfortable with doing so, that's why there are left-handed guitars available to buy so that left-handed users do not have to use a right-handed and switch it the other way. Some left-handed guitarists are comfortable enough to play a right-handed guitar, some play it upside down and re-string and others adjust to playing it normally, however when there is an option out there making it possible for guitarists to play comfortably - why wouldn't you?

Your left-handed guitar is the mirror image of a right-handed, it has the same qualities and nothing affects the way you play. Choosing the guitar is the same as choosing any guitar, it is dependant on which type of music you are wanting to play.

We have a variety of left-handed guitars available here at Rimmers, from brands including Fender, Spector Bass, Faith and many more.