Taylor 300 Series Guitars

When Bob Taylor started working at the Guitar building company known as American Dream in 1972 he was just an Employee but then when Sam Raddng decided to sell the business in 1974 Bob and two other employees jumped at the chance of buying the company. When looking to change the name of the brand they wanted something small enough to fit onto the headstock and seen as though Bob Taylor was the main builder (and his name was short enough) they decided to re-brand the company as Taylor. Fast forward 40 something years and Taylor has become one of the biggest names in acoustic guitars.

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The Taylor 300 series offers a wide variation of acoustic and electroacoustic guitars in many different shapes. The 300 series is the first in the Taylor range to introduce players to an all solid wood construction. 

You can choose from two vibrant wood pairings, Spruce top and Sapele back and sides for a brighter, more focused sound and mahogany top with Blackwood back and sides for a warmer, darker sound, with a more pronounced mid-range. Both pairings offer a well-balanced clear tone. The pickup system that is implemented in the electro versions of the guitars is the Taylor designed Expression system 2. With its patented behind the saddle design, you’ll find that the pickup captures more of the guitars dynamics.