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Kawai built their first grand piano in 1928 and have continued to innovate and lead ever since. Combining their rich history and expertise, Kawai has now produced an unparalleled range of grand pianos designed with the professional piano player in mind. Using cutting edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship, the GX series of performance grand pianos offer playability, stunning sound quality and a host of luxurious features that every piano player will appreciate. Available in various sizes and all in a classic black ebony, the Kawai GX Series Grand Pianos need to be played to be believed.
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The beauty of the Kawai GX Series Grand pianos is that they come in a range of sizes, all as beautifully made as the other, to suit a variety of playing spaces. The GX1 grand piano is a compact or baby grand piano which, as the smallest, in the GX Series, is an ideal entry point when considering a grand piano. The pianos then increase in size, with the GX7 being the largest. Each and every piano in the Kawai GX Series benefits from superior quality materials, from neotex coated keys to solid tapered spruce soundboards. No detail has been overlooked and the result is a series of grand pianos that are not only breathtaking to look at but create sounds and music that resonate deeply with audiences and are a joy for piano lovers to play.For help deciding which grand piano size would be best for you, you can read our blog, Which Grand Piano Should I Buy?Kawai GX Series Grand Piano FAQsWhat is the price of a piano in the Kawai GX series?Prices vary for a Kawai GX series piano. The Kawai GX1 is the most compact of the Kawai GX series and so is a more entry level price point. The Kawai GX7 grand piano is the peak of the Kawai GX series and is, therefore, the most expensive in the range. Prices for the Kawai GX series grand pianos begin at £16,779 and go up to £36,069. The Kawai GX series are truly remarkable grand pianos that will last for generations, which is reflected in the price.Do the Kawai GX Series grand pianos only come in black?The Kawai GX series of grand pianos all currently come in a highly polished ebony finish. This is reflective of the traditional, sleek grand piano design we all instantly recognise and love. Featuring gentle curves alongside structured rigidity, the Kawai GX grand pianos are masterful instruments full of classic elegance.Which is the best grand piano in the Kawai GX series?The Kawai GX7 grand piano was designed as the ultimate grand piano. The production process involves felts from the best Oceanic wool, and wood being selected from only the finest quality stocks. All pianos in the Kawai GX series have been produced to Kawai’s rigorously high standards and all of them are exceptional grand pianos with beautiful sound quality. The GX1 is a baby grand piano and so is perfect if you want a smaller grand piano while the GX5 grand piano is a ‘piano for all seasons’ and satisfies the desire to own a stunning instrument and experience exquisite playability..Which grand piano should I buy?Deciding which grand piano to buy is a very personal decision, and will depend on a number of factors. You will first need to decide on the size of piano you would like or have space for, followed by working out your budget. The Kawai GX series of grand pianos has various options in terms of size and shape, with the price range increasing with each model and the features the additional space provides. Having a longer soundboard, like in the Kawai GX6 can produce an increased range of sound, while the Kawai GX5 still offers a breadth of beautiful sound but is 10cm shorter and, therefore, more accessible.Which is the smallest Kawai GX grand piano?The Kawai GX1 grand piano is the smallest of the Kawai GX series of grand pianos. At 166cm in length, it is a full 48cm smaller than the largest GX model, the GX7. Both the GX7 grand piano and the GX6 measure 214cm in length which offers a larger soundboard. The GX5 grand piano sits in the middle at 200cm. No matter the overall size, all of the Kawai GX grand pianos have been made with the world renowned craftsmanship expected from Kawai and all come highly recommended when purchasing a grand piano.