Keyboard Lessons

Across all of our seven stores, we offer keyboard lessons with experienced, friendly teachers. Throughout music lessons, you will learn how to play the keyboard, from learning the absolute basics of the instrument to then learning how to play songs, develop skills and learn how to create a variety of techniques.

We understand that everybody has different music taste, therefore the style of music that you wish to learn can be catered for as our teachers want to give you the best opportunity. Whatever you enjoy, our teachers will also enjoy because they love teaching!

There are a number of reasons that you may want to start learning how to play the keyboard, you may not be ready for a grand piano, however there are many similarities, the sounds produced are equally as beautiful. The skill of playing the piano is very therapeutic and calms the mind, leaving a positive impact.

Learning how to play the keyboard should be a fun experience, and you should build up self-esteem whilst here as our teachers will encourage you along the way to help you get the best.

Your first lesson will be a FREE trial lesson, this is to see if you enjoy it and we have no doubt about that! From here you can decide if you wish to move further and progress with your musical journey.


Why Should You Take Keyboard Lessons?

The benefits of playing the keyboard are not much different from the piano, you will still feel calm and relaxed as one of the benefits and you will still be learning the same excellent skills along the way. The main differences between the two are the size, the practicability of moving it around and also the technology which allows for creative freedom for the player to experiment with a variety of sounds.

Develop Creativity

Playing the keyboard is a very creative gift to have, it trains the brain to open up to musical creativity. Your brain needs to work on both sides to correlate the coordination skills needed as a pianist, this allows creative thinking and can be positive in many other situations as it leads to creative thinking.

Self Esteem

Lessons with any musical instrument can boost self-esteem because you will learn to accept constructive criticism, you can learn to accept any negative feedback and turn this into a positive with the guidance of your music teacher. The teachers will ensure that you build up confidence as they know themselves that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, this is the joy of learning how to play an instrument. Whether you are in a one-to-one lesson or a group lesson you will understand that this is completely normal, and therefore will boost your confidence knowing you are not alone.

Multitasking Skills

When playing the keyboard or piano you will improve on your hand-eye coordination skills as you are training your hands to respond and react quickly. This is multitasking, you are concentrating on playing and reading music all at the same time which is a sought after skill. 



All seven of our stores offer keyboard lessons, your first lesson is FREE as a trial to show how fantastic our teachers are. From here you can decide whether you would like to book further lessons. 

To get your first free trial lesson, please fill in our Rimmers Music School Enquiry form at the bottom of our music schools page, or alternatively, you can contact any of our stores directly or call our customer service team on 01772 622111.