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There are several crucial points in choosing a digital piano, such as the design, for instance. The slim, stylish body of the LP-180 comes in your choice of black or white, ensuring that it will fit unobtrusively into your room layout and decor. Another crucial point which has not been overlooked is the sound. KORG is internationally famous as a manufacturer of studio quality synthesizers and keyboards, and its acclaimed grand piano sounds are built into the LP-180. It goes without saying that all of the basics, including the keyboard, pedals, playing feel, and sound, are just as solid as you would expect from KORG with its more than fifty years of experience as a manufacturer of electronic instruments. If you choose the LP-180, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice. Most people like the idea of bringing some music into their household, whether someone plays well or even if you're just beginners, but most people don't know just how affordable it can be. The Korg LP-180 piano is an almost perfect blend of superb playability, excellent sound sources and value for money. The most important thing is that it feels like an acoustic piano and the keyboard plays like an authentic piano. The LP-180 has a weighted hammer action just like a real piano (some cheaper keyboards use 'synth' type keybeds, which detract from the feel of a real piano), and it includes a three pedal unit for damper, soft and sostenuto to add to the expression you would expect from an acoustic piano. It has 120 note polyphony, ideal for those long 'waterfall' runs, and 10 great on-board sounds, including Pianos, Organs and strings, as well as some integral effects like chorus and reverb to add depth to your sounds. And finally, gone are the days of the lumbering, heavy lump of wardrobe sized wood in your living room. The Korg LP-180 is slim and graceful pieces of furniture that suit most rooms. When they're not being used, the cover folds down flat over the keys to make a stylish table top. The LP-180 is a slim, digital piano featuring a rich piano sound, one-piece stand, keyboard cover, and a three-pedal unit that supports half-pedaling. The instrument covers all the bases when it comes to piano-style performance, including the Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard that is accurately weighted like a traditional piano keyboard. Three levels of Key Touch Control allow the keyboard response to be matched to nearly any playing style. The pedals, playing feel, and sound are just as solid. Ten sounds are available, including piano, electric piano, vibraphone, pipe organ, and strings. Reverb effects add depth, and a chorus effect provides a spacious feel to the sounds.
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