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Many beginners started their musical journey by playing piano or keyboard and from here have wanted to experiment in the world of synth. Or, you are a complete newbie! Either way, we are here to help you make the informed decision of which synth would be best for you.


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Synthesizers have shaped and moulded the way that contemporary music is created. You may think, that keyboards and synthesizes are similar due to their appearance, but they really are completely different! Synths really do offer infinite creativity.

When listening to music over the years, it is very likely that you have heard synths being used in popular music! 

When shopping in-store or online for a new synthesizer, it can become a little overwhelming due to the huge amount of options out there. But, you need to know what is actually essential and find the perfect synth for your new musical journey. The basics are, that all synths come with the keybed, a series of controls and either a DAW or PA system. For the extra fancy bits, there are effects suites, faders, modulation wheels, step sequencers and more - but these are not essential, they are simply add-ons!

When looking for your synthesizer, your main priority is to find something that suits your style and sound preference. 

Digital vs Analog

There are digital synths and analog - this refers to how electric signals are generated. For example, analog synths generate signals with an electric current. Whereas with a digital synth, they rely on a digitally created sound signal manipulated by a computer. The advantage there is that a computer can create a very wide range of sounds, allowing digital synthesizer keyboards to cover huge territory when it comes to genres they are used for.

We have selected a number of synths that are under £500, helping you to shop on a budget and find something affordable and reliable.