Korg Monologue Series

The Korg Monologue is a 25-key, fully programmable monophonic analogue synthesizer with a voice all of its own. The Korg Monologue has built on the success of the Minilogue's design, with an emphasis on monophonic synthesis, and a range of new features. With a lineup that gives you a choice of five eye-catching colors, this compact instrument has a strong personality to match your own.

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The next-generation monophonic analogue synthesizer in a vivid five-colour lineup.

Fully programmable, analog synthesis for all players; monologue is the next-generation monophonic synthesizer that shares the spirit of the acclaimed minilogue, with a completely new voice and powerful new features. While sharing its sleek layout, knob-per-function workflow and high-quality construction with the best-selling minilogue, monologue is a truly unique new synth for all types of musicians; featuring new voicing and sound sculpting abilities – at an amazing price.