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Rimmer Music School Give Piano, Guitar, Keyboard and Singing Lessons
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What Do You Do At Rimmers Music School?

At Rimmers Music School we can teach you how to play a musical instrument, learn to sing or improve your vocal techniques and teach you music theory.

All of our Rimmers Music Schools teach a variety of instruments to a wide age range of students of all ability levels. Whether you are a complete beginner (adult or child) looking for musical guidance or you're a retiree wanting to finally learn that instrument you've always planned to, look no further because we teach students of any age, young or old.
(Youngest so far 5 years old: Oldest so far 96 years old)

Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar?  How about wanting to play the piano, keyboard, drums or maybe sing a song in tune? We can make your dream come true.

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What musical instruments do you teach, and do you teach singing?

We currently teach guitar, piano, keyboard, drums and singing. We also offer lessons for various woodwind instruments such as saxophone, flute and clarinet at selected stores.
(More details are available by clicking on each of the individual store page buttons located below)

Where are Rimmers Music Schools?

Each of our seven stores has its own Rimmers Music School located at the store.
When the store is closed there are Music School entrances nearby.
(ie. another door labelled - Music School Entrance)

Full details of each of our Rimmers Music Schools (and tuition available) can be viewed if you select the appropriate Music School from the list below.

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What time and days do you do the lessons on?

Teaching from 9.00am to 9.00pm every day including Saturdays and giving you the individual attention you deserve with one to one lessons for 30 minutes each week, we will find a time that is convenient for you to come for your tuition.

Many of our students come after work or school. Some of our teachers even teach on Sundays. We aim to be as convenient for you as possible.

Full details are explained during your free trial lesson by your teacher. If you decide to continue a suitable day and time is found for you, simple!

You can have a FREE trial lesson to show how great music can be on the instrument of your choice. Just call in to one of our stores, email or give us a call and we will arrange a Free Lesson for you to give it a try!

Rimmers Music School Locations and Detail Pages

Virtual Lessons Available (Via Video Call/Teams/Skype Etc)

What are your Teachers like?

All our teachers are highly trained skilled musicians that will encourage you and help you to improve your technique and teach you the skills you need to get to your full potential.

Although we can take you through musical instrument examinations such as ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), Rock School, Victoria College and LCM (London College of Music), these are not imposed upon you. We can simply teach you how to play the music or style you want in a friendly encouraging way or take you through grading systems if you like doing exams and want to have recognition. The choice is yours we just want to teach you how to play the instrument of your choice as you want to play it.

All of our teachers are fully qualified to tackle all ability levels and a range of playing styles. So whether you want to begin learning Blues licks on the electric guitar or want to brush up on your advanced Jazz theory on the piano, we have you covered.

With our wealth of experience teaching such a range of students, we understand that everybody wants different things from their lessons. That's why we let you decide what you want to learn, whether that's music theory with a view to taking exams on your chosen instrument, or if you simply want to learn how to play some of your favourite songs or pieces of music, our teachers are knowledgeable in all areas of playing their instrument. As well as this, all of our Rimmers Music Schools are also established examination centres for a range of instruments, whilst also offering music grade exams for all major musical instrument examination boards, including Associated Board, London College & Rockschool.

Whether you want to learn for fun or progress towards exams, we are here to show you how fun and easy learning to play a musical instrument can be! 

We also understand everyone is different, you will learn at a pace that suits your needs by friendly, encouraging highly trained people.
(All our teachers have a DBS check and certificates can be shown upon request)

How long is each lesson and how much does it cost?

Your first lesson is on us via a FREE Trial Lesson* to show how great making music can be.

During this time the Membership and full details will also be explained should you wish to continue.

Each lesson is a one to one private lesson lasting for 30 minutes. Each half-hour lesson costs £15** and will take place at the same time & place each week.We ask that students pay for each month's lessons on the first lesson of that month, meaning instalments of £60** for 4 week months or £75** for 5 week months, dependant on the month.

Full details and benefits are explained during the first Free Trial Lesson.

What do people say about Rimmers Music School?

  • "Excellent tuition", says Janice (Adult Piano Lesson) and "I saved £50.00 by using my student discount card on the first go".
  • "Tweaked my technique on guitar and I have come on by leaps and bounds", said David (Adult Guitar lesson)

How do I join and start lessons?

To get your first Free Trial Lesson/Virtual Lesson please fill in our Rimmers Music School Enquiry Form, alternatively you can contact any of our stores directly or call our customer service on 01772 622111.

Book your FREE trial lesson today and start making music!
*Via Refundable Membership Fee

We can Teach you to Play a Musical Instrument at Rimmers Music School