Double Bass Orchestral Strings

In the stringed instrument family, the double bass is the lowest-priced instrument, very popular in jazz and classical music where plucking technique is favoured. The double bass features warm, deep tones and is often thought of as supporting the rest of the orchestra. 

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Double Bass

The double bass is more often in the background supporting harmonies, creating rhythms and adding a rich tone to an orchestra, however, it can also produce solos with a prominent part. Like all other string instruments, the double bass is played with a bow or by plucking strings. In classical music, the natural acoustic sound is used, whereas, in jazz, blues and related genres, the bass is amplified. 

The double bass stands at around 6ft tall. from top to bottom, however, there are other sizes available such as the 1/2 or 3/4, which serve to accommodate a players height and hand size.