Many think the viola is just a different name for the violin, however, it is its own instrument! The violin and viola are both members of the string family, they do have similar features such as the looks, the colour and both are played with a bow. However, the viola has a much deeper and mellower sound than the violin does, and is often played in the background of music. 

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The viola is slightly longer than a violin and has a much lower and deeper sound, it sits in the middle of the violin family, between the violin and the cello. A viola's full body ranges from 25mm and 100mm. The technique used for playing the viola has certain differences compared to a violin, mainly due to the size, the notes are spread out further along. However, like the violin, the instrument is played with a bow. 

In an orchestra and string quartets, the viola acts as a vital link between the violin and the deeper and bigger cello. Placed underneath the chin like a violin, the viola comes in a variety of different sizes, suitable for younger beginners right through to adults.