Piano Tuning & Piano Restoration

Keeping your piano tuned at regular intervals is important to ensure you are playing at the correct pitch, maintain a nice tone and is essential for the longevity of your acoustic piano (like servicing any mechanical product such as your vehicle).
Our experienced technician is highly trained with over 30 years experience.
Trained by 'Kawai and Yamaha European Technical Academy' and a qualified acoustic piano restorer he is able to ensure your piano is tuned/restored to perfection.

We Are able To Tune 'Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos & Concert Grand Pianos'
When did you last get your piano tuned? Ideally you should get your piano tuned regularly to keep it in 'tip-top' condition ensuring the best playability and tone.

Acoustic pianos can have more than
12,000 parts predominantly made from wood and felt, as well as metal strings. Changes in temperature and humidity affect the materials in the instrument, these changes can often be subtle and will gradually shift the piano out of tune.

Keeping your piano in tune is vital to maintain your enjoyment of the instrument and a long life. Getting a regular 'check-up' will ensure your piano is kept in the best working condition possible. Without regular checks, there may be issues not detected that can cause further problems down the line that require more work if not dealt with early on.

The piano tuning process can uncover a number of issues,such as keys that stick or don’t return correctly, hammers that don’t strike the strings properly and many other small but important issues.

We recommend that a piano is tuned every six months, although if an instrument is used more heavily tuning could be required more frequently. The tuning process takes approximately one hour and is achieved in a tradition manner using tuning forks and professional experience, tuning each note relative to the others with continuous meticulous comparing and checking of harmonics and string resonance.

You can purchase a single piano tuning (pay as you go) or we offer multi piano tuning discount packages.

In addition to piano tuning we are able to offer a full piano restoration service and piano transport service.

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