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Digital pianos from Casio & Yamaha can be a great introduction to piano playing for beginners on a budget, whilst Kawai, Roland & Dexibell provide style options and features that set them apart from their acoustic brothers. We have huge range of new, used and portable pianos to choose from.

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Welcome to our digital piano department. Here you will find the very latest digital pianos from all the major suppliers. We have new, used and portable pianos in stock and ready to play. At a quality piano dealer all our products are checked and ensured to be the best qaulity and value for money. Buy your piano today with confidence from Rimmers Music.

If you are wondering what a digital piano is, here is a short explanation.

Digital pianos, sometimes called electric pianos were designed to emulate the characteristics of an acoustic piano. i.e. they have weighted keys like an acoustic piano they have touch sensitivity like an acoustic piano. They have come along way since they were first introduced in 1983. Now it is almost impossible to hear or feel the difference from an acoustic piano.

There are some advantages to a digital piano, they are, you can play using headphones so nobody can hear you, you can also play it through its own speakers but turn it down to a volume that suits your environment. Another good feature about the digital piano is that you can usually select different voices such as , strings, electric piano, synths, harpsichord etc. You can also connect a digital piano to a computer to compose music and arrange and record it. On some digital pianos you can record direct onto the piano.

Entry level digital pianos start at a lower price point than acoustic pianos and for this reason the are often the first instrument these days, rather than a used acoustic piano.

There are also digital pianos that have rhythms and backings similar to a keyboard but with all the benefits of a piano. These type of pianos often have many sounds and rhythms and features. They can be a great workstation to compose from and can give hours of pleasure to the most accomplished pianist as well as the most basic pianist.

Digital pianos are brilliant. They let you plug in headphones so you don’t annoy the neighbours. They have multiple voices to choose from and they are a lot more lightweight than acoustic pianos. They have 88 weighted keys like on a real acoustic piano and the more you spend the more realistic the voices and feel of the digital piano. There are loads of digital piano models avaialble and they have a lot of different features. The action for instance. There are models which have real wooden keys which again feels more like a real piano action. Grand action is the best action avaialble on a digital piano and it is in models such as the yamaha clavinova series. Voices are also a key thing because the better the voice, the more enjoyment you will get out of playing the piano. Yamaha and kawai sample their own real acoustic grands into their digital pianos such as the CFX grand, the borsendorfer grand, the kawai shagiru grand and ex. All of those pianos that are all sampled into particular digital models and they sound absoulety fantastic. Touch responiveness is a very important feature aswell as it makes the digital piano feel more realistic. We do a fantastic range of digital pianos at our southport store ranging from very different price ranges. I am absolutely certain we can find the right one for you that has the features that you need at your price point. We do yamaha, kawai and korg at our southport store. All of which have a variety of different models and different price points. Whether you need a slim, compact and lightweight digital piano or a piece of furniture that looks like a real acoutsic piano whether that be grand or upright. Come down to our southport store and try them all.