Yamaha Clavinova CVP Digital Pianos (Inc Portable Pianos)

Broaden your musical horizons with a comprehensive array of authentic voices and a superb grand piano touch. The versatile CVP Series can assume a variety of roles, one moment a fine concert piano, the next an expressive string ensemble. With stunning sounds and a range of vocal functions, the CVP Series is the perfect partner in your musical endeavours. Buy online today or contact us with your part exchange details. We have new and used Yamaha CVP models such as the Yamaha CVP-809 & Yamaha CVP805. Yamaha is the World's largest manufacturer of musical instruments, and CVP Clavinovas contain high-resolution, high-definition recordings only possible from a company with this rich heritage. Super Articulation and Super Articulation 2 Voices are both highly advanced and easy to use, making you sound like a pro. With them you will hear the most realistic reproductions of legato and staccato performance techniques that are so essential to playing bowed and wind instruments. By simply varying your touch and playing techniques or using the pedals, these voices will add significant authenticity to your sound.

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One of the defining features of a CVP Clavinova is the array of different Styles that can be controlled in real-time by playing chords on the keyboard. Accompaniment Styles introduce ensembles of virtual musicians to your performances in a variety of musical genres. From small jazz ensembles to full orchestras, you get to control what chords or harmony they play by what YOU play, plus you control the dynamic of the ensemble. Developed by professional session musicians from around the world, these styles add authentic, studio-quality backing players to your performances - even when you play by yourself. You can use Styles to add embellishing Intros, Endings & Fill-Ins and even arrange songs in real-time. You can connect a microphone to enjoy singing along with your keyboard performance. All input jacks are conveniently located at the front of the instrument, under the key-bed for easy access. Only Yamaha could build an instrument with studio-quality effects like reverb, echo and even Vocal Harmony. Alternatively, you can connect a portable music device such as an MP3 player or smartphone to enjoy listening through the Clavinova's high-definition speaker system. CVP Clavinovas are very patient: if you don't play the right notes, they wait until you do! This is made possible with the CVP's unique Guide feature. As the easiest way to play a song, the Follow Lights library teaches you popular melodies in a way only possible on a CVP Clavinova. Just follow the lights one note at a time, and fully-arranged orchestrations and arpeggios embellish your playing. Here, you don't play along with a recording, the recording literally plays along with YOU.