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Rimmers Music School Southport

Situated on the 1st floor of our Southport Music Store, Rimmers Music School Southport is one of our 7 music schools across the North West.

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Guitar Lessons

Our Southport branch has a number of guitar teachers teaching a range of different guitar styles for different types of musical instruments. Our guitar teachers cover:

  • Classical Guitar Lessons
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons

With our teachers you can learn everything from the basics of simply holding a guitar correctly to playing lead guitar solos, and everything in between.

Keyboard & Piano Lessons

Both keyboard and piano lessons have always been some our most popular lessons at all our stores, and our Southport Music School is no different! We currently offer:

  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Acoustic Pianos Lessons
  • Digital Pianos Lessons

Lessons are personalised to cater for each student's musical interests, making lessons as enjoyable & relaxed as possible.

Whilst our teachers will cover a range of music from classical pieces to jazz standards through to pop songs, many of our students go on to take (and pass!) exams with all the main exam boards including Associated Board, London College & Rockschool.

Keyboard & Piano Lessons at Rimmers Music Southport
Drum Lessons at Rimmers Music Southport

Drum Lessons

Drums are are another popular instrument that we teach at all of our stores, and are particularly popular with children of all ages! The types of drumming lessons we offer are:

  • Acoustic Drum Lessons
  • Digital Drum Lessons

Whilst our students generally learn on Acoustic Drum Kits within their lesson, Digital Drum Kits are an increasingly popular instrument for home practice as they are much easier to store away at home after practice and have the added advantage being much quieter once headphones are plugged in! The skills learned on one type of drum kit are virtually all transferable to the other, so you can learn & practice with whichever you choose!

Vocal Lessons

As the most portable instrument which is available to everyone, learning to sing is the most accessible instruments a person can learn.  As with all eight of our stores, we have a number of vocal teachers at our Southport branch, who can teach you or your child to sing in whichever style you choose. Our teachers are qualified to teach classical singing styles such as opera, straight through to contemporary singing styles like pop. Whether you're a budding Pavarotti or think you're child has what it takes to be the next Adele, our singing teachers can teach all ranges of styles to all ages.

Vocal Lessons at Rimmers Music Southport

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone lessons are only taught in our Southport and Bury store, for now, the saxophone is a great instrument for many ages and abilities. The most popular age is from 7 onwards as students find it more comfortable to learn.

A great benefit of learning how to play the saxophone is that the fingering and note reading is the same for all instruments. This makes it really easy to switch between the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, only requiring the player to make adjustments to their embouchure.

You can learn whichever type of music you particularly enjoy, the lessons are built around you!


Flute Lessons

Our Bolton Music School also offers Flute lessons in which our teacher covers all aspects of flute playing for a number of different styles. So whether you're a seasoned flutist wanting to pick up where you left off, a beginner flautist looking for guidance on the absolute basics, or simply want to expand your repertoire as a flute player, we can tailor our flute lessons to suit your needs. 

As with the other instruments we teach in our music school, our flute lessons can progress your playing further in which ever way you want, whether that's via learning world renowned classical pieces, or advanced playing techniques from different genres such as those utilised by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. As ever, progressing through grades can also become an important part of learning the flute, and we offer these through all of the popular exam boards, including Associated Board.

To book your FREE Trial Lesson with any of the instruments that we offer, simply visit our store, call or email us (using the contact details below) and we will get back to you and arrange your first FREE lesson at a time that is convenient for you.

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