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If you are selling your piano and want to get the best deal, we can help you. We also save you the hassle, cost of advertising and difficulty of moving your piano!

Selling small items on an online auction can be easy, but selling large heavy items like an upright or grand piano can be extremely difficult for you. We are a specialist acoustic piano retailer and have the experience and ability to take the stress of selling your piano away for you. Simply sell your piano to us!

We collect upright acoustic pianos or grand pianos from any UK Mainland location.

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How To Find The Serial Number Of Your Piano

The serial number can help identify the age of your piano as many manufacturers log the date the piano was manufactured.
Here are images of an upright piano and a grand piano showing you the locations the serial number is likely to be.

upright serial number location

grand piano serial number location

Straight-Strung & Over-Dampered Pianos

Here is an example of a 'straight-strung over-dampered' upright acoustic piano. The 'damper' is the mechanism that stops the note from playing, ie it puts a felt against the string to stop it from resonating, in this case its 'above' the hammers, this is why its called 'over-dampered'. This method is was abandoned in approximately the 1920's as 'over-strung under-dampered' pianos emerged. Over-dampered pianos were difficult to maintain and keep a solid connection to prevent string resonance and unwanted sustain.

In addition a piano that is 'straight-strung' means that the strings go straight up and down on the frame. This method of piano manufacturing was abandoned around the 1920's too due to difficulties keeping the piano in tune, the tension created in one direction on the frame and the fact that an 'over-strung under-dampered' piano was much more reliable, longer lasting and would stay in tune for longer. They also created a better tone and string resonance.

Due to the points mentioned above we would not purchase a piano that is 'over-dampered' and 'straight-strung'. These pianos do not hold any value to us; we would not be comfortable to sell them on as there would be difficulties with tuning and reliability. If you wanted to purchase a new piano from us we can discuss collecting your piano to dispose of it whilst delivering your new one purchased from us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with your piano needs!

Over-Strung & Under-Dampered Pianos

Here we have an example of an 'over-strung under-dampered' piano. This method of upright piano manufacturing emerged from approximately the 1920's and is still the way new upright acoustic pianos are made today. The 'damper' mechanism is under the hammers and creates a much more reliable contact than the previously 'over-dampered' pianos. The damper stops the note from making a noise and is released as a string is struck by the hammer, enabling the string to resonate to make the sound. When the key is released the damper goes back to the string to stop the sound, unless the sustain pedal is pressing preventing the damper from going back to position ie allowing 'sustain'. Because the damper mechanism in under the hammers on the piano it makes a much more reliable contact to prevent unwanted 'sustain' (notes ringing out) and requires much less attention over the years.

In addition an 'over-strung' piano means the strings 'cross over' each other allowing the piano to be smaller but maintain long strings. It also means the tension is put around the frame rather than in one direction as with 'straight-strung' pianos, meaning that is better at holding itself 'in-tune' and less likely to have issues in the future, as long as you keep it regularly tuned (you must keep any acoustic piano tuned regularly to maintain the correct pitch and longevity).

We are interested in 'over-strung under-dampered' pianos, ideally from 1970 to present day. If you have a piano that simply needs taking away, or you think may have a value please can in touch with us using the form below for a quote today!

Sell Your Piano To Rimmers Music - The Easiest Way To Sell Your Piano

If you want to sell your piano but don't want the hassle of selling it privately, then your easiest option is to sell it to Rimmers Music. As an acoustic piano specialist with many years experience in buying and selling pianos, we offer you an easy and simple service that means you can sell your piano without all the hassle and additional expense of advertising, delivery charges or repairs. We will offer you a fair price for your piano and we will collect it with our professional piano expert collection team.

We Buy Upright Pianos And Grand Pianos - Simply Fill In The 'Sell My Piano' Contact Form Below For A Quote

Please send us photographs of your piano (inside and out if you can) so that we can see the general condition. We will then talk to you and agree a price with you for your instrument. The price will not change unless the piano is substantially different than it appears in the photos you send us. We do not charge for collection either.

We will need to know if the piano is upstairs or if there are any unusual corners or obstacles. We will talk to you first prior to collection to ensure its collected at a convenient time for you too!

Selling Your Piano To Rimmers Music

If you have a piano that you wish to dispose of or sell, contact Rimmers Music today!
We buy and sell pianos everyday. All you need to do is complete the 'sell my piano' contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your piano and make you an offer if its one we feel we can sell on. When a price is agreed we will arrange collection of the piano. This is usually completed within 14 days of agreeing the price/disposal. Once the piano is back with our piano technicians and checked the money is paid directly to your bank account within 14 days by our accounts department.
You can get a written offer from Rimmers Music before you commit to sell. We find people use us for selling a piano because it is an easy and a guaranteed money option. Please consider that we are an acoustic piano retailer and we have additional costs when selling instruments such as collection, delivery, marketing, staff etc and we need to make a modest profit to enable us to continue.

Will I Get More Money If I Sell My Piano Privately?

There is a possibility you may get more money if you sell your piano privately but do you really want the expense of advertising, strangers coming to your home and the difficulty in moving it and potentially having accidents or damaging your property?
Selling your piano to Rimmers Music makes it simple for you.

Do We Buy Any Piano?

We will consider purchasing any piano made from 1970 to present day. We may consider a piano older than this, so please contact us if you have an older piano but our preference is any manufactured from 1970 to date. We have purchased makes such as Bechstein, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Kemble, Kawai, Steinway, Broadwood and many more. Regardless of the brand of your piano please fill in the 'sell my piano' contact form, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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