Shop By Series: Yamaha Guitars

Perhaps better known for their outstanding Piano products, Yamaha also offers a wide range of guitars, both acoustic and electric. From the amazing F310 entry-level guitars to the brilliantly bizarre but awesome SLG series, Yamaha offers an unbeatable range of instruments. Stand out models include and are by no means limited to;  The FG series, The Pacifica range and the prestige GC classical series.

The Yamaha Pacifica series of electric guitar remains a popular choice amongst guitarist since it's inception in 1989, due to solid construction and reliable tone. The Japanese company also produces some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world, since the 1950's. The FG series offers unbeatable quality in that price point, with great craftsmanship and bright tones. Don't let the low price point put you off!

Used by renowned famous guitarists and singer songwriters like Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, Yamaha guitars have been at the forefront of musical innovation for over 50 years and are now bigger and better than ever!