Mandolins are primarily played in folk and country genes and can be amplified by using a piezo pickup which is great for live performances. They are stringed instruments that originate from the lute family. We stock a fantastic selection of mandolins at Rimmers Music from brands including Ibanez, Staff, Barnes and Mullins, Washburn and more, all at affordable prices. 

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The mandolin is part of a family of instruments just like the violin family. The mandolin is the most common and is tuned like the fiddle. Mandolins are tuned like a fiddle, with two strings to each note, which helps to give it a really big sound. It's very easy to learn to accompany tunes on the mandolin by learning a few simple chords, but you can also learn to pick out tunes or play more complicated accompaniments.

The mandolin is becoming increasingly popular in many styles of music. It is very often used in Irish and English folk music, while pop musicians such as Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney along with many others have been bringing the mandolin into the limelight through their music over the last few decades. 

A very popular song you may have heard played with a Mandolin, is 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles. 

The mandolin is an extremely versatile instrument which appeals to a huge range of people.