Ukuleles are small guitar-like string instruments originally from Portugal, however have been popularised in Hawaii. They typically have four strings that are made from Nylon. The ukulele has a much shorter scale to a normal guitar and has a higher standard pitch with a percussive tonality. There are a variety of ukuleles available such as soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, bass and resonator. 

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All about the ukulele

Despite being less common than the likes of the guitar and piano, the ukulele is pretty much universally loved and has experienced a huge boost in popularity in the last couple of decades. Here at RimmersMusic, we’re going to present to you a brief introduction to the ukulele, and showcase our choice of ukuleles finished with premium materials and brilliant designs. The ukulele or ‘uke’ is a four-stringed instrument commonly constructed from word and belongs to the lute family; some of the oldest, traditional plucked string instruments.

The ukulele was adapted from the smaller, Portugese ‘machete’, which was introduced to Hawaii by Portugese immigrants. Ukeleles can typically be found in four different sizes or classifications: baritone, concert, soprano and tenor; and the ukuleles sound depends largely on the shape and design of the individual ukulele.

Different sizes of Ukuleles

There are a few different sizes of ukuleles and all of them have a specific sound difference aswell. The bigger the body the louder the sound that is just a rule. However, when talking about the projection of the sound, you need to take in to account the body material. But as previously stated, size is probably the biggest factor. A lot of people prefer to buy ukuleles that are the more traditional smaller sizes such as sopranos, but people who have slightly larger fingers may struggle to reach the chord they want and it may be uncomfortable. That is why concerts I would say are the most popular, the concert size is still a traditionally smaller size ukulele but with the added benefit of a slightly wider fretboard and bigger body. So not only do you have a better sound but you also have more space for your fingers. Then their is tenor ukulele, with tenor ukulele the difference between concert is quite minimalistic. Their is a slight size different in the body and that makes it a more beefy instrument. The Final size is baritone ukulele. The baritone ukulele is the largest out of all ukuleles and you will hear a massive difference in sound and in feel as the fretboard is wider and longer. All ukuele’s are great instruments regardless of the size, it is just finding the right size for you. I would recommend coming in and trying them all out for yourself. They all feel different and they all play different. We offer a wide selection of ukulele’s to choose from and we would be love for you to come in and try them all out. We will help explain the differences and features of each and help you find the right one just for you.

Hit songs which have utilised the ukulele

Many will immediately think of George Formby when asked to name a ukulele player, but the instrument regularly features in today’s vast world of music. Eddie Vedder is well known for his love of the ukulele, and regularly brings out the ukulele on his solo tracks. You can hear the light melodic tones of the ukulele on the track ‘Can’t Keep’. RimmersMusic has available ukuleles from the acclaimed names in the uekele industry, such as Brunswick, and Berkeley.

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