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We are one of the leading Viscount Church Organ specialist companies in Europe. The organs we supply are suitable for your home, churches, schools and even cathedrals. We stock popular models in the Viscount Organ range at our Rimmers Music Edinburgh Store, giving you the opportunity to go and try one of these fabulous instruments and discuss your requirements with a Classical Organ Specialist. If you want a totally individual organ, your imagination is the only limit to what we are able to do, as we can arrange for a bespoke instrument to be created to you exact requirements.

Viscount Organs are voiced to sound like a Traditional Pipe, or Cathedral Organ. The company use ground breaking Physis technology to produce the organ sound. Classical organists can be safe in the knowledge that they will be buying a superior electronic instrument built to the highest standard.

We are delighted to have the ability to set up temporary demonstration instruments to any address in the UK for church use, so that you may hear first-hand how the instrument will support worship and allow you to review its performance in its intended final location.

What is Physis Technology?

Physis is a computer generated physical model of an organ pipe. The model can be manipulated in just the same way as a pipe voicer would approach an organ pipe.

The model defines the pipe bore mouth size and position material of manufacture etc and by manipulation of upwards of 20 parameters the sound is defined. The same model runs across the entire keyboard compass so there is a smooth transition of sound without any noticeable break points that can sometimes be heard in sampled sound instruments.

Also with sampled sound organ technology, each note reproduces identically each time it is played. In practice even in a single steady note there is a very subtle inconsistency in what you hear, as the air flow through the pipe always has some element of random motion. This ‘micro variation’ which the Viscount Physical model reproduces, adds a completely new dimension to the sound which greatly enhances the realism. Further as the organ sound is built up by the playing of additional notes and the adding of extra stops, the model subtly changes the ensemble sound just as would occur in a true pipe organ when the available air is delivered to an ever increasing number of pipes. Because of this the sound has a life that is not heard in sampled sound instruments.

A further marvelous feature of the sound processing allows Physis instruments to develop individual sound boards for each of the organs divisions. In a pipe organ, each division (Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal) is set in a different area of the case. In a classic design the Swell organ will be near the top of the instrument, the Great in the centre and the Choir organ is often set behind the player with Pedal divisions set to the extreme sides of the case.

In addition, each division will have its own sound architecture with the possibility of bass pipes at the centre moving to the trebles at either side, referred to as a cusp layout. Alternatively the trebles can be at the centre with the basses to either side referred to as an inverted cusp layout. There are many other layouts and Physis technology allows us to faithfully replicate any of theses configurations for each of the organs divisions.

Placing these instruments in a church or concert hall setting this allows us to build a sound stage of speakers that will also faithfully place the sound source of each individual note at the point in the speaker array where it would be if it were to come from an individual pipe that the real instrument would sound to produce the note.

These factors combine to give remarkable realism and create a sound that is exceptionally pleasing, lively and authentic.

We have attached a video to demonstrate the quality of sound you get using Physis Technology.

Viscount Church Organ Examples

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Viscount Church Organ Range

Viscount have four classical organ ranges designed to cover the exacting needs of the classical organist. The ranges are called Regent, Envoy, Sonus and Chorum. Each range has specific characteristics that appeal to different organists. Single keyboard models are available leading up to a four manual full pedalboard classical organ, and beyond!

Regent Classic Custom Built Organs
We can also have a bespoke organ made to your exact requirement. Viscount Custom Built Digital Organs are specifically designed and voiced for churches, cathedrals, concert halls, or for private home owners. While there are accepted standards of specification that we like to respect, with a bespoke and individually designed church instrument there are no limits on invention or specification.

With each commission we set out to create the very best instrument that the budget allows. Consoles are hand made using the finest materials and incorporate the very best keyboards. Individual design detail is important. It can bring a console to life and the first ingredient to playing well is feeling good at the instrument.

We are determined that the instruments will sound as good as they look and we have a truly remarkable choice of stop voices from which to build a wonderful instrument. Each stop can then be voiced in the same way as that on a pipe organ.

If you want an instrument of great quality and lasting value you should explore a Regent Classic individually designed instrument, built by musicians with years of experience and a true love of the instrument and its music.

Please contact us today for expert advice with full details, brochures, videos and hopefully to arrange to come a meet us!

How To Purchase A Viscount Church Organ

Please contact our Rimmers Music Edinburgh Store to purchase, or discuss the Viscount Church Organ range. We would love you to visit our store to hear and play one of these authentic, fabulous instruments. Alternatively you can call, email or fill in our contact form showing your interest and we will get back to you with the information you need.

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Viscount Church Organ Image
Viscount Church Organ Image
Viscount Church Organ Image
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