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Viscount Viscount Regent 247 Dark Oak Classical Organ

Code: Viscount Regent 247 Dark Oak Classical Organ
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Viscount Regent 247 Dark Oak Classical Organ 

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How Does Physis Work? Viscount Physis instruments have been made possible by the vastly increased power of current microprocessor technology. Unlike sampledsound solutions commonly used in digital organs and still available in our Cadet Series instruments, the Physis model is interactive and constantly makes small and subtle changes to the sound depending on the number of stops drawn and the number of notes being played. These small changes also occur in a real pipe organ although it is a characteristic that most pipe organ builders try to reduce to a minimum. These small variations make the pipe organ unique, and the Physis model has been able to accurately reproduce this magic ingredient that is missing from sampled-sound instruments. The end result is that a Physis organ sounds dramatically more exciting and life-like. This is especially noticeable when the instrument is played in a small environment and on its internal speakers. Because Physis technology is software based, instruments can benefit from improvements as they are developed.

These include the availability of new voice models and the addition of even more detail into existing voice models to allow greater flexibility of individual stop voicing. Management of the Instrument A comprehensive range of instrument management is available to the player without the need for a computer link up. The features are controlled through a display that can be readily seen at the console. From the above picture you can see that the instrument is set to Equal temperament with A at 440 Hz and with the English voice setting. The Pedal and Great piston functions have been combined and the instrument has not been set to transpose. Other sections of the display allow you to enter and reset these parameters as well as other features on the instrument. Initial instrument display The organ has 4 factory-fixed organ styles that cannot be changed. These are English, Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic, which has a strong French flavour. Each of these four styles is copied into a fully accessible part of the memory where all the voices and features can then be changed by the musician, as required, to create a completely personal organ configuration.

The 4 fixed styles ensure that it is always possible to return quickly to a perfectly balanced instrument as set up by the factory if any personal editing generates an unwelcome result. Individual Stop Voicing Having selected your preferred stop voice you are additionally able then to voice each rank for a number of parameters, just as would be possible in a real pipe organ. These include: n Character (pipe width) n Air Noise n Harmonic Noise n Attack n Release Detune n Relative Tuning of Strings n Bass Attenuation Curve n Treble Attenuation Curve n Individual Rank Volume All of these features can be locked with a security code to prevent accidental adjustment. On occasions when more detailed adjustments are required, including on a note by note basis, these can be made by connecting a computer via the USB port located under the keyboard shelf. Alternative Stop Voices The most versatile and perhaps commonly used function in our Regent organs is the ability to change stop voices for others inside the huge internal library. The picture below shows the display that controls the voice selection, and you can see a short part of the list of alternative voices that in this case are available to replace the Open Diapason 16. The list extends beyond the screen to upwards of 20 alternative voices for each stop. These can be viewed by scrolling through the list. The new voice is selected at the push of a single button. This feature, which is unique to Viscount Physis instruments.

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■ 2 x 61-note tracker touch keyboards with touch sensitivity for orchestral voices
■ 32-note radiating and concave pedalboard
■ 47 speaking stops with hundreds of alternatives from internal memory bank
■ Illuminated rocker tabs
■ 4 preset organ styles – English, Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic
■ 4 adjustable user styles
■ 18 alternative temperaments
■ Tremulants fully adjustable for speed and depth
■ Dark, Medium or Light oak wood veneer console with solid wooden roll top cover
■ Illuminated music desk

■ Swell expression pedal
■ Crescendo pedal programmable over 16 steps
■ 6 general pistons duplicated by toe pistons
■ 16 capture memories
■ 6 thumb pistons to Swell and Great
■ Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped, Sw/Gt reversible thumb pistons
■ Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped, Sw/Gt reversible toe pistons
■ Gt and Ped combinations coupled
■ 2 sequencer previous and next pistons
■ Gt/Sw keyboard inversion
■ Transposer with –6/+5 semitone range

■ 9 internal speakers split across 5 channels
■ 4 x 60 watt and 1 x 100 watt amplifiers
■ Stop-by-stop selection of simulated wind chest layout
■ Stop-by-stop and divisional volume controls
■ Stop-by-stop tonal adjustment using 6 voicing parameters
■ Internal 5-band graphic equaliser
■ Fully adjustable reverberation with live acoustic selection
■ Stereo headphone output socket
■ External outputs for up to 13 independent audio channels

■ 162 cm (W) x 125 cm (H) x 70 cm (D), 111 cm (with pedalboard)
■ Weight – 185 kg

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