Vocal Lessons

The singing lessons that we have here at Rimmers are for all ages and abilities, we are here to help you reach your full vocal potential. You tell us what it is that you are wanting to achieve from the lessons and the style of music you enjoy.

Depending on the level that you begin at, we will explore different vocal exercises to help you progress the best way possible, as well as looking at different techniques used to develop your vocal strength and tone. Whether you wish to learn chart hits, show tunes, classical pieces or simply want to improve your repertoire at the karaoke we have lessons for you.

If you are feeling nervous, this is perfectly normal - but do not be afraid our lessons will always be a comfortable environment - everybody will make mistakes and everybody progresses differently. With our music teachers, you can progress at your own pace in a space where you can build confidence in your voice and the encouragement from our teachers.

We want to build up your confidence and encourage you along the way, we believe that vocalists need to be prepared for the industry of music as it can be competitive and demanding, however with practice and dedication you will be on your way to being a powerful vocalist in no time.


Why Should You Take Singing Lessons?

Singing is a natural thing, we all tend to have a sing-a-long to the radio, or we try and give our all on karaoke and more often than not embarrass ourselves. However, if you are thinking of polishing up on the skills then you have come to the right place. Everybody can sing, but to be able to sing well, this requires practice and determination.

  • Express Yourself

Singing allows you to express yourself without the use of a musical instrument, the more you practice the better this gets as you are becoming more and more experienced. Learning how to sing opens up deeper emotions and expressions when the student is learning they will really understand and connect with the power of music.

  • Develop Presentation and Leadership Skills

When training with your vocal teacher you will develop face-to-face performance skills which gives students the confidence to deliver in front of others, like performing in front of strangers and large crowds. If students wish to develop their skills further and take exams for their singing, then our dedicated teacher will guide you through this process.



Vocal lessons are provided at our Bolton, Bury, Leyland & Liverpool music schools. Your first lesson is FREE as a trial to show how fantastic our teachers are. From here you can decide whether you would like to book further lessons. 

To get your first free trial lesson, please fill in our Rimmers Music School Enquiry form at the bottom of our music schools page, or alternatively you can contact any of our stores directly or call our customer service team on 01772 622111.