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Yamaha’s Arius range has a beautiful design combined with advanced functionality resulting in instruments that not only look great but play fantastically. Whether you’re looking for a slim-line and discreet or a console-based design the Arius Range has something for you. Yamaha’s Arius series pianos really stand out in the cabinet style digital piano world. They have many features of top-class digital pianos, whilst still being very affordable. There are four new models, the Yamaha YPD-144, YDP-164, YDP-S34 and YDP-S54. The Models with an “S” in the Model Number are internally the same as their counterparts but are in a slimline cabinet, which is designed for the home where space isn’t at a premium.

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The YPD-144 has a GHS action, which means that the keys are heavier towards the bottom and lighter at the top, giving a more realistic playing experience. The main built in piano sound CFX concert grand piano, which sounds absolutely amazing through the 16W amplification system. The sample also has damper resonance, which again adds to the realism of playing a real grand piano. There are 9 other voices available that you can access from the buttons on the piano, or more easily through the free smart pianist app from Yamaha. You can also layer sounds, so let’s say you want to play piano with an orchestra, you can play piano and strings at the same time and adjust the balance through the app. It’s also very easy to add reverb to the sound to change the environment the piano is being played in. You can get his piano in White, Black and Rosewood finishes, which are all stunning. The YDP-S34 is identical to the YDP-144, but its designed to save space as it is much thinner than its bigger version. This one also features a soft close key which is a really nice feature as it saves your hands getting injured if it were to fall suddenly. Also, the S34 is available in beautiful white ash, again uncommon for a piano of this price.The next step up in the series is the YDP-164 and YDP-S54. The same principles go for these, being the same internally but the “S” model is space saving. The benefit of these pianos over their predecessors is all in the action. Instead of the previous GHS action, these have the GH3, which means that there are 3 sensors in each key, allowing for much more accurate velocity sensitivity and expressiveness. Also, the keys are made of synthetic Ivory and ebony, instead of plain plastic, which is designed to absorb moisture in your fingers, making for a much easier to play on surface where your they won’t slip. The amplification system on these pianos is better too, boasting 40W of power. The 164 is available in white, black, rosewood and white ash, whereas the S54 is only available in black and white.The Arius series is the ultimate budget friendly line of pianos for musicians of all ages and abilities. They offer functionality and affordability whilst still having one of the finest piano sounds in the world, and offering a very authentic playing experience.

The Arius range uses the CF Sound Engine delivering modern samples of Yamaha’s flagship 9-foot concert grand.

With the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) the 88 keys respond like those of an acoustic piano getting lighter as you go up the registers, this builds up proper technique and enables the player to improve at a faster rate.

The recording functions of the Arius range give practise time a fun element as you can practise and record separate hands at a time.

Surround –sound quality headphone settings are a standard with the Stereophonic optimizer which gives the listener the feeling of the sound coming from the body of the piano and not from the headphones.

USB functionality also means the piano can be connected to your computer for use with notation software and writing programmes.