Yamaha B Series Yamaha

Available in a range of finishes, the Yamaha B Series of pianos provides the stunning sound quality you expect from Yamaha with an attractive price point and compact space-saving design. With a well-balanced and responsive touch the Yamaha B series has all the hallmarks of a Yamaha piano, combining innovative technology and usability with stunning craftsmanship and unparalleled design. The Yamaha B1, B2 and B3E pianos are perfect for casual players or professional pianists wanting to purchase their very own Yamaha piano.  

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About Yamaha B Series Upright Acoustic Pianos

The Yamaha B Series is a range of three upright pianos. The Yamaha B1, B2 and B3E were designed by Yamaha as an accessible introduction to acoustic pianos. Each model in the series increases slightly in size so as to ensure there is a piano suitable for many homes and playing spaces. This signals Yamaha’s commitment to making music accessible to all, and creating pianos that experts and newcomers alike can enjoy. When space is an issue, players may be tempted to purchase a keyboard. Compact pianos like the Yamaha B Series provide the option of having an upright piano instead. To help you decide between a keyboard or a piano, you can read our blog on the differences between keyboards and pianos.

As an ideal option for those with limited space, the Yamaha B1 is the most compact piano of the B series models.  The B2 upright piano has a larger cabinet, providing more space for the soundboard, and the Yamaha B3 piano has longer strings suited to any level of player. Whilst the Yamaha B series of pianos was launched as a budget-friendly alternative to some of Yamaha’s other ranges, it produces no less of a high quality sound and feel. To find out more about our cost-effective pianos, read our guide to affordable pianos featuring information on the Yamaha B Series. 

Yamaha B Series Upright Piano FAQ

Are Yamaha B series pianos any good?
Yamaha B series pianos are an excellent entry piano. The B series of upright pianos from Yamaha has been designed to be accessible for every player and to help newcomers enjoy the instrument. The Yamaha B1 piano in particular is a compact piano ideal for smaller spaces. The Yamaha B series has the responsive touch and beautiful tone that Yamaha has come to be known for. 

How much is Yamaha B1 piano?
As the first model in the Yamaha B series of pianos, the B1 piano is smaller than the B2 and B3. This means it is the most cost effective of the three. The colour and finish of the piano will affect the final price but generally speaking, the B1 upright piano starts from around £3149. 

Is a Yamaha B2 piano acoustic or digital?
The Yamaha B2 upright piano is an acoustic piano that delivers superb sound quality with added depth and volume. The B2 model of Yamaha B series pianos has a solid spruce soundboard and a wide dynamic range. At 113cm, the B2 piano is a compact option that offers a perfect combination of space saving, affordability and playing experience.

Is the Yamaha B3 piano silent? 
The Yamaha B3 piano does have a silent option for players wishing to practise without disturbing others. For this reason, the B3 piano is an ideal choice for early players wanting to progress their playing. The Yamaha B3 is also fairly compact and can fit into small spaces. This, alongside the silent feature, make the B3 a piano that will work in your home and allow uninterrupted play, 

How big are the Yamaha B Series of pianos?
All three models in the Yamaha B series of pianos were designed as compact models. Yamaha created the B series to appeal to players with less space in their homes. The B1 piano is the smallest, with the B2 and B3 steadily increasing in size. The Yamaha B series is also a less expensive range of pianos. Not only do they offer great space saving but are a budget friendly option and an ideal entry point for all players.