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Yamaha MODX 7 Music Synthesizer  

What we think..

A new and exciting synthesizer release from Yamaha, the ModX (pronounced Mo..D X) is the first major synth release which has been released to sit under the mighty Yamaha Montage. Affectionately known as the 'Montage Junior' the ModX is also equipped with the same 'Super Knob' which allows many parts to be controlled at the same time, fading in and out varous phrases and parts to give an ever changing and emmersive sound.

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This Will Replace The MOXF Series 

Series Info 

MODX 6 = 61 Keys Semi Weighted Keys 

MODX 7 = 76 Keys Semi Weighted Keys (This Listing)

MODX 8 = 88 GHS Keys 

MOXF  successors  with  improved  controls 

Compared  to  its  predecessors,  the  new  MODX  range  of  synthesizers  offer  a  multitude  of  additional  functions  and  workflow  improvements  to  increase  the  joy  of  working  with  the  instruments.  All  three  models;  MODX6,  MODX7  and  MODX8  feature  four  faders,  a  multi-purpose  Super  Knob  and  a  touch  screen.  Seamless  Sound  Switching  avoids  cutting  off  sounds  when  changing  between  performances.  The  MODX  series  allows  for  up  to  128  notes  of  AWM2  stereo  samples  in  addition  to  64  FM-X  synthesizer  voices.  Employing  up  to  13  simultaneous  dual  insert  effects  and  supplementing  three  independent  master  effects  unlocks  even  more  sound-designing  potential.    Modern  synthesizer  sounds  with  a  long  history  The  MODX  sound  library  encompasses  a  huge  catalogue  of  both  modern  and  classic  sounds,  since  its  engine  employs  the  very  same  technologies  that  also  empower  Yamaha  flagship  synthesizer  MONTAGE:  AWM2  (Advanced  Wave  Memory  2)  sampling  and  synthesis  engine  and  frequency  modulation  FM-X.  The  MODX  synthesizers  are  compatible  with  performances  from  MONTAGE,  MOTIF  XS/XF,  MOXF  and,  by  means  of  the  free  FM  Converter  on  YamahaSynth.com, with  DX  and  TX  sounds,  granting  MODX  users  access  to  one  of  the  largest  sound  libraries  of  all  time.  A  sampled  Bösendorfer  Imperial  Premium  grand  piano  and  the  possibilities  of  sound-sharing  web  portal  Soundmondo  enhance  the  sonic  capabilities  even  further.  Motion  Control  incorporates  this  wealth  of  sounds  into  a  programmable  matrix  for  dynamic  sound  textures,  so  the  MODX  series  combines  excellent  sounds  with  unmatched  performance  possibilities  for  sonic  manipulation. 

The  ideal  companion  for  every  type  of  musician  The  MODX  series  spans  three  models  that  differ  mainly  in  size,  catering  to  the  needs  of  different  kinds  of  musicians.  The  smallest  model  is  MODX6  with  61  semi-weighted  keys  to  perfectly  meet  the  demands  of  synthesizer  fans  and  sound  programmers  who  want  to  focus  on  getting  the  most  out  of  the  sampling  and  synthesis  engines.  With  76  keys,  the  MODX7  offers  more  room  for  playing  hands  and  is  made  for  keyboardists  who  want  to  have  their  sounds  available  over  a  wider  range  of  keys.  The  MODX8  features  88  Graded  Hammer  keys  to   2  of  2satisfy  even  the  most  discerning  pianists  by  providing  them  the  feedback  they  need  for  a  perfect  performance.  Lightweight,  high  performance  With  their  sonic  variety  and  exquisite  features,  the  MODX6,  MODX7  and  MODX8  synthesizers  remain  compact  and  lightweight,  rendering  them  the  perfect  instruments  for  gigs  and  rehearsals.  Even  the  large  MODX8  with  its  88  Graded  Hammer  keyboard  weighs  only  13.8  kg.  A  high-quality,  premium  soft  case  are  available,  which  protects  the  synthesizers  on  the  way  to  and  from  a  gig.   


Yamaha   has   redefined   the   synthesizer    midrange: MODX is here!   Empower your creativity, take control and stand out from  the crowd with MODX: a compact, lightweight synthesizer  designed for inspired music-making.  The power of the MODX synthesis engine allows unlimited  potential to create your own unique sound demanded by  any artist. Bring  the  sophistication  of  music  production  automation   to realtime live performance with Motion Control. 


Only  found  in  Yamaha  music  synthesizers,  the  AWM2   engine  offers  much  more  than  just  sample  playback.   Each of the 16 AWM2 Parts feature eight programmable  synthesizers with a Filter (18 different Types!), Amplitude,  Pitch and Filter Envelope Generators, nine LFOs, 3-band  EQ and a dedicated Dual Insert Effect with Virtual Circuitry  Modeling.


FM-X produces   classic   ‘80s   or   cutting-edge,   EDM    synthesizer  sound  with  incredible  dynamic  range,  power   and  fidelity.  MODX  goes  well  beyond  the  capabilities  of   the  original  DX7  with  an  8-Operator  FM  architecture,   64-note polyphony, many Filter Types and more. Create  sounds  no  one  has  ever  heard  with  Motion  Control  for   ever-evolving and changing textures. 


MODX features 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 64-notes of FM-X polyphony. Due to the unique architecture of MODX and MONTAGE, this polyphony is always available without latency or compromising other features.


From high definition Reverbs to detailed Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, MODX features DSP innovation, power and sound quality. Use effects like Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break, or Bit Crusher to get EDM sound.

The Spiralizer effect creates the auditory illusion of a tone continuously rising or falling in pitch. You can even add a Compressor with Sidechain for a modern “ducking” effect. Or go retro with vintage effects like Analog Delay, VCM Phaser, or a variety of Amp Simulators. Piano players will appreciate piano-focused effects like Damper Resonance for a super-realistic piano experience and the HD Reverbs that let you put yourself in any performance space.


A stereo A/D Input allows you to bring external sources like analog synthesizers, vocals and other instruments into the MODX Motion Control system. The control offered goes well beyond simple onboard effect processing. Control individual parameters with the physical controls or have MODX provide “invisible hands” using Motion Control. With the addition of the Vocoder, Envelope Follower, and Auto Beat Sync, the A/D Input on MODX becomes an instrument unto itself.


Sidechain is a popular effect in modern dance music where a pad or other sustain part is “keyed” to the kick drum. When the kick drum plays, it ducks down the sustained part creating a “pumping” rhythmic effect.

CONTENT Beyond being an amazing synthesizer, MODX is an expandable content platform. Get new sounds for your MODX at yamahamusicsoft.com


Soundmondo is a social sound sharing network that lets you store and recall MODX Performances and share them with other users. Each stored Performance can be rated, named and given a custom image from your photo library. With the Soundmondo App for iOS you can upload and download new Performances and directly to MODX with an iOS device. COMPAT IB IL ITY : MONTAGE AND MOTIF DX AND TX Out of the box, MODX offers access to one of the largest sound libraries ever – over 35 years in the making by our world-class sound designers and artists. MODX is directly compatible with MONTAGE as well as MOTIF XS/XF and MOXF Voices and Performances. The free FM Converter Web App on YamahaSynth.com makes it compatible with DX7, DX7II, TX802, and TX816 synthesizer content as well.  Demonstrator tips on page 41 BÖSENDORFER As part of the MODX introduction, Yamaha is pleased to offer an incredible Bösendorfer Imperial Premium Grand Piano download for FREE to all MODX owners. Please go to https://eu.yamahamusicsoft.com/synth/bosendorferpiano-montage for details.


As expected for modern computer-based music production, MODX features a professional 2-in/10-out, multi-channel USB Audio Interface. Coupled with two A/D Inputs, MODX is a perfect centerpiece for any professional recording studio or live computer rig. A single-cable connection replaces the need for an external audio interface, even for your iOS device.


Rhythm Patterns are an easy way to add a Rhythm Part to a Performance. By combining Rhythm Patterns and the Envelope Follower, you can change the Patterns even further.


Every artist wants to sound unique. Empower your creativity, take control and stand out from the crowd. Bring the sophistication of music production automation to realtime live performance with Motion Control.  Demonstrator tips on page 42


The Super Knob is to shaping sound as a conductor is to an orchestra. It directs individual dynamic elements into a single musical expression. Like a conductor, the Super Knob can tell one player to turn up while another turns down. You can change the shape of notes from long to short, bright to dark or move a player from being right next to you to the back of the concert hall. The Super Knob allows simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters in a single Performance. This means you can control mix functions like Volume, Pan, and Effect Sends or detailed synth parameters like Filters, LFOs, and Operators. You can even control the Super Knob with an FC7 foot controller making it easy to manipulate the sound when playing with both hands.


Motion Sequences are tempo-synchronised, completely customisable control sequences that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter and provide incredible new ways of creating sound. Motion Sequences also have dedicated controls on the front panel making it easy to manipulate and change in real-time, providing incredible interactivity and expression

Notable Features Compared To The MOXF Series 

FM-X Synth Engine LCD-Touchscreen 7"-Colour-Wide-VGA-TFT Waveform-ROM expanded from 741 MB to 5.67 GB 2,370 new Waveforms, 6,347 total in ROM 1 GB Flash-ROM built-in Ca. 2,000 Preset Performances 640 User Performances 5,120 Library Performances Seamless Sound Switching „SSS“ for Performances with up to four Parts 13 Dual Insert Effects (12 Parts + A/D Input) Over 256 Preset Live Set Slots, 2,048 User & 2,048 Library Live Set Slots 10,239 Arpeggios Eight Arpeggio Parts simultaneously Eight Scenes per Performance Masterkeyboard functions for each Performance Multichannel USB Audio Interface, 2-in/10-out.

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