How To: Assemble A Single X-Frame Stand

Many of the keyboards, synths and stage style digital pianos we sell often come packaged with either a single or double X-Frame stand from Stagg. These are light and portable stands which can be adjusted to different heights to suit standing or seated positions. This makes them great for use in any sized home as well as in a live music situation.

Whilst the Stagg Double X-Frames we supply only need to be opened up to adjust their height, there is a small amount of assembly required before using the Stagg Single X-Frames. Although assembling an X-Frame may seem easy for a more experienced keys player or anyone who has a flair for flat pack furniture assembly, new players of any age can sometimes struggle with fitting these parts together. That’s why we’ve done a quick video guide on how to put these together and use them:

How To Build An X-Frame with Rimmers MusicTo recap the stand will come in 5 parts which are the pre-assembled X-frame & 4 separate feet, with the box also containing the 4 screws & allen key to secure them.  Once all packaging is removed, open up the X-Frame by pulling the safety lock pin in the middle and releasing so that it is inserted into one of the 5 holes.

Next you will want to add the feet, 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom. The bottom feet will be longer, whilst the top feet will have an additional rubber ring to stop your keyboard from sliding. Each foot will have a coloured dot which relates to the end of the X-frame it is being attached to; normally blue for the bottom 2 feet and red for the top 2 feet.

Once you have lined these up with the correct coloured dot and slotted the foot onto the frame, you should find that each of the screws will line up with the nut welded to opposite side of the frame. Insert each screw and screw in by hand before tightening up with the supplied allen key. Once repeated for each foot, your X-frame is ready!

To adjust the height, use the safety lock pin to select one of the 5 holes for a pre determined height. As a rough guide we would recommend the narrowest setting for playing whilst standing and the widest for seated play. After making sure your stand is the correct way up (widest feet at the bottom) and facing the correct way (safety lock pin facing towards the player), place your keyboard, synth or stage style piano on top and you’re ready to go!

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  • Justin Levitt

    Awesome resource! Do you guys perhaps have any guitar amp stands of a similar nature to this keyboard stand?